[Webinar] Promoting Equity and Justice in Education

On Thursday 6/11, join Dwight Carter, Shayla Glover, Tia Holliman, Derek McCoy, and Jessica Williams as they discuss how to center empathy, creativity, and student voice when having these important conversations and share ideas on how we can chart a path forward.

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See you there!


A recording of this webinar is now available on YouTube!


So agree with Dwight about the smaller group conversations. During most summers there is an amazing gathering called the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina. Speakers encourage small group gatherings so various voices can be heard. I’ve witnessed some incredible transformation stories. Keep the conversations going- we owe it to our students!

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That’s great to hear @lori.vigliotti Would love to learn more about the festival and your work. Thanks for all you do! :grinning:

Such important work. Well done everyone.

nice job everyone. salute to your hardworks

That’s great job very cool